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GPI RE Group was founded in 2005 with a single mission:-

Build superior returns through real estate investing.


With offices USA and Europe, we specialize in originating quality commercial, residential and mixed-use assets that deliver investors income, capital growth or a balance of the two. Our belief in eco-responsible projects and iconic architecture has guided our practice since 2005. With over 150 years of combined experience, the partners and associate team boast a proven track record across the economic cycles. GPI’s activities are backed by an international group of prestigious financial institutions, investment funds, individuals, family offices and an expanding affiliate network which promotes GPI projects to qualified investors. As master developers, we identify projects, develop the vision, assemble the capital and execute the project with best-of-breed professional partners.


Our Core skills include


  • Project identification: We find/identify a niche, high yield,  investment opportunities

  • 360-degree opportunity assessment: Conduct the full opportunity analysis

  • Risk evaluation & Due Diligence: We asses risks – we don’t gamble. 

  • Underwriting: All the numbers and sensitivities through to exit.

  • Planning Permissions and permitting

  • Equity and financing: Assembling the entire financial package

  • Leasing and operating the finished scheme
 to stabilization

  • Asset and Property management: Managing the investment

  • Investor Relations: Reporting and Investors communications

  • ·Exit: Delivering the return

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