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Business Meeting


Capital Across The Stack *


We access capital through our extensive local and international network of capital partners and via our collaboration with,  the world's foremost capital marketplace. Equity from $3M to $50M and loans up to $200M

  • LP & GP Equity

  • Mezzanine Lenders

  • Construction Lenders

  • Bridge Lenders

  • Permanent Lenders and many more


Project Syndication

GPIREGroup, in partnership with RealConnex and other approved partners*, can provide a full project syndication service which allows approved sponsors the opportunity to crowdfund their project in compliance with SEC Regulation D, 506 c.

Please note: GPIREGROUP or not FINRA registered broker/dealers. Deals which require the services of a broker dealer will be provided through a FINRA registered broker/dealer partner.

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